Violet Clearwater
Violet Soleil Clearwater L'Ange


Paris, France → La Push, Washington


Disclaimer: This account has no affiliation whatsoever with Freya Mavor. This is only a roleplay account.

Finally, food!||Colliolet 

Sue and Seth had come home from the grocery, and now Sue was making dinner. Seth had gone out since he had a patrol shift, and everyone else was nowhere to be found. She figured though that Violet was home, seeing as the girl had carelessly left her dirty clothes strewn about in the laundry room. With a smile, Sue went up to her room and knocked on the door. “Violet,” She called out, “Dinner will be ready in a few.” She continued opening the door a little. “Oh! Collin, dear!” Sue exclaimed in surprise.

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    Violet shivered at his touch. “Hmm…anytime.” She said with a smile.
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    Collin ran his fingers along her back. “Good, when do you want it to be?”
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    "Oh shut up and kiss her already!!!" Brady cried, busting into the room.